A Humble Tribute to Kate Wakerly, by Job Lopez

                        Kate's Moral Legacy

In finding ways to help others she was always restless.
Throughout her life she cared for the homeless,
for the hungry, for the battered woman, and single mother.
For her, the well being of them was a great matter.
She cared for the immigrant, and for the elderly.
She was like that...  She was Kate Wakerly.

Kate was humble, she was wise and very smart.
She was a great human being; she had a big heart.
To those around her, she showed her compassion.
She was tender and kind, and ready for quick action
when things needed to be done
to benefit others around her and beyond.

Thanks to Kate, the Alpha Omega Shelter was born,
and so was the Day Laborer Center later on.
For years Kate was a pillar of the CSA.
Her social work went from ordinary to a wonder, we can say.
Her love and compassion for all human beings
were reflected in visionary projects and in simple things.

Excellent writer and journalist, one of the best that I ever knew,
among us, she left her mark as the Editor of The View.
And later on without making much noise,
she founded and gave us the Mountain View Voice:
a newspaper of which we can say clear and loud,
that the city of Mountain View feels very proud.

With humbleness Kate showed us how for the needy to care;
with humbleness Kate showed us how with the needy to share.
Her generosity and spirit of service reached the sublime,
and the essence of her actions before us will shine,
compelling us all to do exactly as she did
wherever we are and whenever we can for those in need.

Why is Kate gone before her time?
That's the question that will always wonder my mind.
Why is it that persons who do righteousness,
who do justice and radiate kindness
depart so early, while the selfish and the unjust
remain around forever only to harm us.

Kate's early departure has left us all in tears.
Her memory will remain with us through the years.
In our great sadness and profound tribulation
we find, however, relative consolation.
For we know that she is now in the glory of God,
for her fine work on earth she earned that reward.

To her husband, daughters and son, today,
I would like to say, if I may:
Let the moral legacy of Kate be an inspiration
for you to go on, and overcome your tribulation.
For us, that same moral legacy will be as a light
That will make our dark moments bright.

Job Lopez
Mountain View, California
April of 2004